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83.4: F/A-18 A, or C Model SPIN PanelF-18 E/F Super Hornet Checklist

F-18 E/F  Flight Manual on CD
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F-18 E/F Flight Manual on CD

Price per Unit (piece): $29.95

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If your goal is to fly a Navy or Marine Corps F-18 jet you must know this manual.

Currently a hard to find F-18 original (paper) manual costs around $500. Because this 806 page manual has been scanned to a CD, it costs you less.

What is on the CD:

  • Shows the F-18 cockpit layout.
  • Fold outs of the cockpit that shows a picture of each button, switch, lever and instrument.
  • Tells how each cockpit part and each instrument operates.
  • Lists Emergency Procedures.
  • Shows the Ejection Seat details.

This CD will save you time building your cockpit and is a fantastic reference for parts you will purchase or build.


F-18 E/F Hornet Flight Manual

This is the original flight manual from the NATOPS Military Archive Library Series. This 806 page manual is provided in a printable PDF format on CD-ROM.

The Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet is a $50 million carrier based strike fighter and a larger and more advanced version of the F/A-18C/D Hornet...including a 25% larger wing, 34 inch longer fuselage, rectangular engine intakes, two extra wing hard points, enlarged leading edge extensions and more powerful engines.
The F/A-18E is the single seat fighter and the F/A-18F is the tandem seat fighter.

Table of Contents:

CHAPTER 1 The Aircraft
CHAPTER 2 Systems
CHAPTER 3 Service and Handling
CHAPTER 4 Operating Limitations
CHAPTER 5 Indoctrination
CHAPTER 6 Flight Preparation
CHAPTER 7 Shore-Based Procedures
CHAPTER 8 Carrier-Based Procedures
CHAPTER 9 Special Procedures
CHAPTER 10 Functional Checkflight Procedures
CHAPTER 11 Flight Characteristics
CHAPTER 12 General Emergencies
CHAPTER 13 Ground Emergencies
CHAPTER 14 Takeoff Emergencies
CHAPTER 15 Inflight Emergencies
CHAPTER 16 Landing Emergencies
CHAPTER 17 Ejection
CHAPTER 18 Immediate Action
CHAPTER 19 Instrument Flight
CHAPTER 20 Extreme Weather Procedures
CHAPTER 21 Hot Weather Procedures
CHAPTER 22 Cold Weather Procedures
CHAPTER 23 Communication-Identification Equipment
CHAPTER 24 Navigation Equipment
CHAPTER 25 Backup/Degraded Operations
CHAPTER 26 Visual Communications
CHAPTER 27 Deck/Ground Handling Signals
CHAPTER 28 Aircrew Coordination
CHAPTER 29 NATOPS Evaluation


40.6: F/A-18 A, C or E Model Camera
40.6: F/A-18 A, C or E Model Camera

71.82:F/A-18 A, C or E Model "DEFOG" Panel
71.82:F/A-18 A, C or E Model

40.50:F/A-18 E Model "UFC" Up Front Control
40.50:F/A-18 E Model

F/A-18 A/B Ejection Seat Manual on CD
F/A-18 A/B Ejection Seat Manual on CD

40.65: F/A-18 E Model HUD Camera
40.65: F/A-18 E Model HUD Camera

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