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Original F/A-18 Cockpit parts Print E-mail

Here are pictures of some of the F/A-18 parts I am working to replicate...

Cockpit This is the wood cockpit that is used for the cockpit actual F/A-18 ejection seat fits along with all the cockpit parts...the F-16 canopy pictured here will not be used as I have another F/A-18 canopy...


F/A-18 Canopy Eject Handle Canopy Jettison Handle replica parts are available now...



F/A-18 Fire Extgh Panel This Emergency Jettison Panel replica is currently being constructed...the placard and backplate are completed ...however we are still looking for a light supplier source...

Spin Panel This Spin Panel is for the F/A-18 E Super Hornet and is currently completed and is available for sale now,,,

UFC LCDThis Up Front Control Panel (C Model only) bazel only has been constructed...a touch screen solution is being tested and we are looking for a final touch screen.

UFC A Model UFC UFC AUp Front Control Panel for an F/A-18 A Model... The UFC panel holder is currently being constructed.


Knobs These knobs have been recently fabricated.  They are very high quality and are available now.



ChecklistThis panel is located on the Right Aux Panel next to the tail hook handle.

Stick Flight Stick


Probe External Tanks Panel


Rudder Trim Rudder Trim Panel


Elec Panel Electrical Panel


Int Light Interior Light Panel


Sensor Panel Sensor Panel


Defog Panel Defog Defog Bazel...The replica (Plug and Play) is

available for sale now....


Map Case Map Case Map case


Side Panel Side Panel...  Canopy Open Panel...  Circuit Breaker Panel


Ejection Seat Eject ESJU 5A Ejection Seat for the F/A-18 A/B/C/D Models


Warn Right Side Warning Panel




Panel MC/Hyd Isol


Ant Antena Select


Formation Formation Lights


Grnd Ground Power


Landing Gear Landing Gear


Eject Ejection Handle


Throttles Throttle t


Warn Panel Warn Panel Warn




Left Aux




Eject Eject





























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