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Build your own F/A-18 Flight Simulator

F/A-18 Hornet

This site is for those who want to build an F/A-18 Hornet or F/A-18 Super Hornet Flight Simulator with replica cockpit parts.

Building an F/A-18 Simulator?

F/A-18 Simulator Parts

These F/A-18 Flight Simulator Cockpit Instrument Panels are replicas of actual F/A-18 Cockpit Instrument Panels.

F/A-18 Parts for Sale:

Manuals on CD

These Manuals on CD will save you time building your cockpit and are a fantastic reference for parts you will purchase or build.

CD Manuals for Sale:

Flight Simulator Software

Purchase your F/A-18 Superbug Flight Simulator software from us! This software brings MS Flight Simulator to a higher level of realism.

Aircraft Posters

Posters of an F/A-18 that help you build a realistic flight simulator!!!

Posters for Sale:

Check Lists

Checklist for different Aircraft on everything from pre-flight to landing.

Check Lists for Sale:

Simulator Cockpit Parts

Simulator Cockpit Parts

Simulator Cockpit PlacardsParts

These Placards bring a much higher level of realism to your cockpit!!!

Simulator Cockpit Parts

Simulator Cockpit Parts Coming Soon

These parts are near completion

Simulator Cockpit Parts

Simulator Gauge Face Plates

Face plates for those hard to find gauges

Simulator Cockpit Fcae Plates

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